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About BRIC'S Milano
Italian Family Crafts Global Legacy

Italy, 1952: 
Tranquil Lake Como meets the sloping landsides of Northern Italia. —  Where the resting water ends, a symphony of mountainside turquoise is dotted with homes and staccatos of opportunity, and vibrant hues do dance, but the land is peaceful. Amidst the sweeping landscapes, a man named Mario Briccola handcrafts travel bags and leather goods with meticulous care. In the dawn’s breeze, his passion for quality and detail took flight: he founded a brand, and named it “BRIC’S Milano.” And it would live.

It would live through decades that defined generations, achieving key brand mile-markers, statuses, and audiences along the way. (An evolutionary timeline coming soon.)

Now decade eight. BRIC’S Milano stands tall as a global luxury luggage brand, yet through the times, steadfast in its commitment to heritage and the founding principles that live on today.

Currently run by Mario Briccola’s children and grandchildren, BRIC’S continues its legacy, seamlessly blending tradition with modernity for today and tomorrow – with roots in exceptional quality, attention to detail, and the essence of Italian beauty and craftsmanship it was founded upon over seventy years ago.

BRIC’S Milano went from the beauty of Lake Como to the beauty of embodying Italian style for the world on the global stage. The name now synonymous with excellence in design, uncompromising quality, and the finest in Italian craftsmanship, BRIC’S Milano has evolved beyond being just a brand name – it’s a lifestyle choice; a travel companion and statement; and a declaration of discerning taste, sophisticated style, and enduring timelessness – that lives.