There’s an App for that – Top 5 Packing Apps

If there’s anything that millennials can brag about, it’s their adeptness in technology. Trained from a young age, most millennials can navigate computers, phones, and more with ease. It makes a lot of sense then that millennials tend to have quite the collection of apps on their phones. Apps provide a great source for entertainment, information, organization, and even travel, which (hint, hint) is where I have a few extra words to say. I’ve put together a list of mobile apps that make it easy for you to get organized when traveling. These apps help create packing lists and roll in other function to make your travel process as quick and painless as possible.

Packing Pro

This mobile app is the perfect travel packing list assistant. It has been rated the #1 travel app in the U.S., Australia, Brazil, Canada, Italy, and more. The app provides amazing features such as customizable design for your packing lists, example packing lists to help get you started, and sharing capabilities to coordinate with your traveling group.


This useful packing app is designed for the dedicated traveler. The app helps you know what you’ll need to pack based on how long you’ll be traveling, what types of activities you want to participate in during your time away, and what weather you’ll be experiencing.


Though not strictly related to travel, this app has its perks. Closet+ is a style assistant that allows you to access your closet from anywhere. With that in mind, it’s a great way to plan your outfits for your trip from your own phone. Having a pocket in your closet comes in handy when you need to do some last-minute packing.


This app is another wonderful travel packing list assistant. Similar to PackPoint, it provides guidance on packing by looking at your expected weather, length of stay, and activities of interest. It has twenty-four pre-defined activities that you can select from to help your packing list get more specific.


Our final app has some incredibly unique features to make packing effortless. PackTeo helps you pack for your trip by providing built-in list templates, a most-used items catalog, and an option to customize your list based on your preferences. It’s designed to get to know you, so you won’t forget your travel essentials.

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