5 Traveling Myths Debunked

We’ve all heard some wild things when it comes to talking about travel. Some comments turn out to be great advice, but other remarks deserve some skepticism. Feeling a little curious, I did some research and debunked some of the most popular travel myths.

Travel is Too Expensive

Though some trips cost more than others, you don’t need a high paying job to travel. And there are a couple things you can do to make it happen. Firstly, plan out a budget. It may take a while to save up but stashing away a portion of your wage adds up over time. On top of that, check out some apps and websites that are specifically designed to help you save money while traveling.

Just Accept the Jet Lag

While jet lag is bound to happen when you’re traveling through multiple time zones, it doesn’t have to ruin your whole trip. Jet lag happens when your body has to adjust its internal time clock. Something simple you can do is take melatonin before bed to help you sleep. Also, exposing yourself to bright light can help. If you’re traveling eastward, use bright light in the early morning and avoid it at night. If you’re traveling westward, avoid bright light in the early morning and use it in the evening.

It’s Dangerous for Women to Travel

There are dangers for men and women when traveling, but women do face some dangers men don’t have to consider. However, this doesn’t mean that women should be deterred from traveling! The key is to travel smart. If you’re traveling somewhere with risks, do your research. If you want added reassurance, check out one of many female solo travelers’ blogs. Education is the key to a safe and successful trip.

Everyone Speaks English

While touristy areas in other countries are more likely to have English speakers, it’s unwise and even considered rude to assume that everyone around you speaks English. More than that, if you depend on others to know English and answer all your questions, you may find yourself in a pinch. Take the time to learn basic questions in the language you’ll be exposed to. That way you can avoid getting lost, not finding a bathroom, or getting blank stares.

Traveling is for the Young and Single

I’m sure many of us have been given advice along the lines of “live while you’re young” or “take advantage of your youth.” And, yes, being young has its advantages, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun when you’ve added on a few more responsibilities! Don’t limit yourself due to age and family ties. All it takes is a little extra travel planning and you can make some memories to last a lifetime.

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Author Bio

Sarah Shields has a BA in English and a minor in editing. She is an avid knitter and amateur cheese connoisseur.