5 Spots to Visit in 2019

That you may not have thought to go.

You know what they say. New year, new me. And do you want to know what one of the most popular New Year’s resolutions is? Traveling more. Now that it’s June, it’s time to kick it into gear and get out to discover the world. To help my fellow travelers, I’ve gathered a list of some of the best places to travel in 2019. So pick your favorite and start exploring!

1. Dordogne, France

Dordogne is a curious town in southwest France that has many places to explore, including Lascaux cave, which is known for its prehistoric cave paintings. Not only that, but this year Dordogne is celebrating its 100th Félibrée. This is an Occitan festival that celebrates the first Sunday of July. The festival is full of music, dancing, stunning costumes, delicious food, and hand-made decorations be the townspeople.

The Malartrie Castle

2. Mexico City, Mexico

The stunning capital of Mexico is known for its cultural attractions. Mexico City houses the Templo Mayor, which is an ancient 13th-century Aztec temple. The city also houses the Palacio Nacional, which features beautiful murals by the famous painter, Diego Rivera. And when you’ve had your fill of sight-seeing, you can fill your stomach with delicious and authentic chilaquiles, tamales, and enchiladas.

Chapultepec Castle

3. Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Arguably one of the world’s most famous geothermal spas, Blue Lagoon is a must-see. Located in the city of Grindavík, Blue Lagoon offers mineral-rich, heated waters for you to soak in and nourish your skin. And that’s not to mention the view. Starting in September, you may even be lucky enough to sneak a peek at the northern lights dancing across the sky.

Blue Lagoon

4. Setouchi Islands, Japan

These are a collection of stunning islands in Japan that have crystal-clear water and perfect weather. And there are added bonuses if you’re an art lover. The Setouchi Triennale is an art festival that has spring, summer, and autumn art installations. The festival spreads throughout twelve of the islands, so you can explore different landscapes as well as enjoy some exquisite creativity.

The Light of Shodoshima

5. Northern Rivers, Australia

This scenic area is located in the state of New South Wales. The Northern Rivers are known for their rain-forested parks that teem with wildlife, as well as beautiful waterfalls to admire. Recently, farmers markets have popped up in Northern Rivers towns such as Byron Bay and Ballina. So you can grab some fresh produce and snacks before you go on your a nature walks.

Northern Rivers

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Author Bio

Sarah Shields has a BA in English and minor in editing. She’s an avid knitter and amateur cheese connoisseur.